A British traditional is becoming popular worldwide

Custard or as the French call it crème anglaise is a traditional British food that becomes very popular during the winter season, not that it is not during the other seasons.

Custard has many types among which are the refrigerated, UHT, Baked, Stirred, Powdered, Egg custard, and Crème patisserie.

Though many colours can be applied to custard, it is often coloured with of yellow. Annatto Curcumin blend colour seems to be a perfect match for this product. This natural colour has been extracted from Annatto and Curcumin is Vegan, Kosher, Halal and Coeliac suitable and GMO free. With a deep orange to brown appearance this free flowing liquid seems to be getting more popular. With a high pH, it changes the colour making it darker/red.

Our colours are applied to Ultra-High-Temperature custard, as they are heat stable. Thermal processes do not affect it in any way. In addition, when applying to Powdered custard, you can choose from our wide range of powders that go perfectly well with it.

This water soluble colour comes in liquid format and its optimum pH is neutral.

To use this colour for other products, to request flexibility and changes, or to see the range of colours, flavours and natural extracts that can be used for custard contact our sales team for technical assistance at sales@plant-ex.com