What if my child has not played some of the sports before?

All children who attend Offload Active are supported by accredited coaching staff to ensure safe practices are being delivered at all times. Coaches are experienced in their ability to support players of all ages, genders, and ability. Many of our lead staff have experience as teachers, academy coaches, ex pro-players, school sport interns and/or as county and local club coaches. Therefore, if your child has never played a sport before staff at Offload Active have the expertise and experience in which to help your child settle, enjoy and learn. It is our absolute aim to ensure that your child has so much fun that they cannot wait to come back!

How will my child be looked after at camp?

The welfare of your child is our primary concern. Before our sessions/camps open, we make sure the venue is appropriate for the care of children aged between 6 and 15 years old. Risk assessments are completed and staff are trained in all the necessary policies and procedures. We also support staff to deliver a variety of engaging games and skill zones, always making sure they are safe, fun and purposeful. Whilst your child is with us, they are continually supervised by staff.

At the end of each day/session our staff will follow our secure collection procedure as children leave. If you’d like any feedback on your child’s session, please just ask during this time and we’ll arrange for your child’s coach to speak to you.

It’s my child’s first time at an Offload Active Sports Camp

We understand that parents can feel a little nervous when sending their child to a camp for the first time. Our caring staff will make sure that you’re quickly put at ease and your child is settled in quickly. Offload Active staff are here to provide your child with a high-quality experience, a responsibility we take very seriously. Staff support all children during their first time at camp by making sure they’re familiar with the venue, staff and how the camp works and what they should expect during their day.

Each child will be assigned a group and Coach during their time at camp. Ice breaker games are played during the registration period, so children are immediately involved in a group activity and forming friendships. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the children settle in and make new friends.

What must Children bring?

We ask that the children bring the following items in a clearly named bag:

  • A healthy packed lunch and snacks
  • A refillable water bottle (clearly named)
  • Their own personal hand sanitiser.
  • Comfortable and suitable footwear (boots and trainers if possible, but not essential)
  • Sun-cream and a hat
  • A waterproof
  • Suitable clothing for the weather conditions
  • Gum shield

No sharing of these items is permitted unless with members of the same household.

What shouldn’t my child bring to camp?

We advise that children do not bring mobile telephones, watches, computer games, iPad’s and other electronic devices of a similar nature to camp. There’s no real use for these items and they are often mislaid as children are busy and excited playing rugby. If your child does bring such items then these may only be used at break times with the permission of their coach. Staff are informed not to put themselves in a difficult position by taking care of such items and we cannot accept responsibility if they are lost or stolen. Our insurance does not cover such items. 

Due to health and hygiene reasons, we are unfortunately unable to allow any birthday cakes (or any other food treats) to be brought onto camp to be shared with the groups.

What happens once I drop my child off at camp?

When you arrive at camp follow the signs and bunting to the registration area.

At the registration desk, give the member of staff your child’s name and age. They will let you know which group they are in and take your child to meet their coach.

The member of staff will ask for the booking form and check over for any additional information that you have made us aware of. You will then be given a collection password for the day, which you will need for collection time.

From this point a member of our staff will take your child from the registration area, along with all of their belongings, to meet their group and Coach. The Coach will introduce themselves to your child as their lead member of staff for the day/s. This member of staff will oversee the care of your child and make sure that they settle easily into the camp.

Can I get some feedback on my child’s day?

If at the end of the day, you would like to speak to the Coach of your child’s group, please just ask. If they are available, they will be happy to come out to the collection area and chat with you about your child’s day. Our staff consider each child individually and are happy to share all the great things their groups have been up to!

Does my child need to bring any money with them?

No, there’s no need for children to bring any money to camp as there is nothing to purchase.

My child has a medical condition – do I need to tell you?

Yes – please tell us anything we need to know about your child’s health when you make your booking e.g., diabetes, epilepsy, serious allergies and so on. In some cases, we may need to send you some more forms and get additional information from you about your child’s needs. The more information you provide us with the better quality of care we can provide for your child. If your child needs medication at camp, you must let the staff know and complete a medication form. These are also available at registration.

What if my child carries an auto-injector (Epi-Pen)?

At least one member of the Offload Active Camps team will be trained to administer an Epi-Pen in an emergency. Parents must inform the camp if their child carries an Epi-Pen.

What if my child is taken ill or sustains an injury whilst at camp?

At each of our sessions/camps we have qualified first aid staff who are trained to deal with accidents and illnesses. Should a child suffer a more serious injury or fall ill at camp you will be contacted immediately.

Why can’t I see pictures of my child on the website or social media platforms?

Where possible, we post photos to our social media platforms for parents to view. Please note we can’t guarantee your child will appear on these. Whilst our best efforts are made to take as many photos as possible at camp, the operation of the camp itself must come first. Depending what is happening on site, unfortunately other tasks do sometimes take priority.

If you don’t want images of your child to be taken and shared on social media, please update the relevant section on your child’s booking form.