1-1 Coaching

Offload Active offers a specialist 1-1 Rugby Coaching for players aged 11-18 years old. These sessions are bespoke sessions with an RFU Level 3 Coach, designed to accelerate learning for an individual players needs. This can include position specific skills, technical skill development as well as functional and fundamental movement skills required to enhance performance.

1-1 Coaching Packages

1-1 sessions = £30 per hour

2-1 sessions = £40 per hour

Small Group (4-1) = £50 per hour

Backs/Forwards Specific (6-8 players) = £60 per hour

Team Sessions = £75 per hour

ProPlayer Sessions = £150 per hour

How to book?

To book a 1-1 session please contact us at offloadactive@gmail.com and a member of the team will be able to arrange time and location of sessions with you.