About us

Offload Active is a Multi-Skills Sports provider who use a wide range of sporting disciplines and activities for young athletes. We provide this through weekly club sessions, non-term time sports camps and specialist 1-1 skill clinics.

Through our clubs sessions and sports camps we focus on developing fundamental movements skills such as running, jumping, throwing & catching. This is further supported by specific focuses on functional movement skills such as passing, receiving, kicking, striking and fielding and helping young athletes to develop their hand-eye coordination, speed and agility.

The breadth of our curriculum enables us to help young athletes to enhance their physical literacy in a environment that is safe, fun and engaging. This is fundamental to our approach as we aim to offer a positive sports experience, where all young athletes have the opportunity to develop not only as sports people, but also to learn communication, problem solving and social skills that will allow them to be successful in their lives beyond Offload Active.


Offload Active has 3 main aims:

  • To ensure that every player has so much fun that they simply cannot wait to come back!
  • To offer quality coaching for players of all ages and ability
  • To provide positive experiences that enable players to maximise and develop their physical literacy skills


Through our curriculum delivery we aim to create ‘pictures’ for players that empower them to explore their physical literacy and develop fundamental and functional movement skills that are essential for sport. This means delivering a breadth of tasks, activities and games which provide opportunities for our athletes enhance their ability to solve problems, make effective decisions and reach successful outcomes. This approach is strongly supported by oor Offload Active ‘PIC’ values which are embedded in all that we do.

  • Purpose – Ask why

We coach our athletes to be curious, to gain understanding of their decision-making processes and explore the importance of learning fundamental and functional movement skills in the development of physical literacy.

  • Intensity – conditioning the body and mind to perform successfully 

We coach our athletes to come up with solutions to problems by creating specific scenarios for them to respond and adapt to via a selection of skill zone activities, small-sided, adaptive and conditioned games.

  • ClarityClear thoughts, Clear talk, and Clear task

Through a variety of specific tasks, activities and games, we build our athletes confidence in their ability to process-information, communicate this information positively and execute a wide range of skills with accuracy and efficiency.